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Science Of Pocket Billiards Download Pdf


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History of pocket billiards {#sec1-1} =========================== One of the more esoteric aspects of the history of billiards is that the public became acquainted with the game through its popular name, 'pool'. In the United States, Billiards was popularized in the early 20^th^ century as a result of the invention of the modern cue, which changed the shape of the game to make it less deadly and easier to play. During the late 19^th^ and early 20^th^ centuries, the sport achieved national prominence as a result of being the primary outdoor pastime of the upper middle class in the USA. The introduction of pool as a spectator sport in the early 20^th^ century has been attributed to several factors, including an increased public fascination with health, urbanization and the financial windfall made available by the mass production of factory-made cigarettes during the early 1900's. From 1915 to the late 1930's, the game was the subject of many documentaries, newspaper articles and books, including several by the legendary author Roald Dahl, who wrote two books about the sport, which are still in print and in print today. In fact, the game is still a central theme in Dahl's classic book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. During the late 1970's, the popularity of the game was revived through the increased sales of pool tables and the introduction of state-of-the-art computerized scoring systems. Modern billiards is the second most popular indoor game in the USA today (after bowling). The traditional and current game of pool {#sec2-1} ---------------------------------------- Traditionally, pool games were played in a rectangular table with a pocket at each end. There were two opposing teams and the object was to score more points than the opponent. Each player had a pool cue that had a shaft, a hand grip and a striking point called a 'tip'. A cue would be used to tap the ball to the 'pocket' in order to make a strike. There were three methods of striking the ball that are still in use today, and these three methods are referred to as being 'fast','sneak', and'slow'. The fast method is used when playing the object game of'seven-up'. A cue ball is struck near the tip and is deflected to a'stop' ball. The object is to knock out the stop ball by striking it with a stick, which




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Science Of Pocket Billiards Download Pdf

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